North Shore College Consulting helps students through a very individualized college search process, administering various assessment tools and interactive games to help us build a completely personalized and detailed “best fit” college list for each student. The process of systematically researching the colleges on this list, removing colleges and adding new colleges, all with the hands-on assistance of North Shore College Consulting, will take place over most of the student’s junior year, ultimately resulting in a final list of colleges to which the student is excited to apply.

College Search Assessment

  • Card sort interview
  • Preferred college characteristics identification
  • Academic and social fit discussion
  • Academic qualification evaluation
  • Special accommodation planning
  • Educational goals analysis

College List Development

  • Individualized and detailed “best-fit” college list development
  • Personalized and secure online research portal
  • College research guidance
  • College fair/visit preparation
  • Campus visit preparation

College Selection Assistance

  • Evaluation and comparison of college acceptances
  • Guidance on decision communication to colleges
  • College enrollment planning

North Shore College Consulting
806 Central Ave., Suite 102
Highland Park, IL 60035


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