Our team

We are a team of educational consultants with a combined experience working in the education field.

Debbie Kanter

Debbie Kanter is an independent college consultant and co-owner of North Shore College Consulting. Debbie received a ...

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Amy Herzog

Amy Herzog is an independent college consultant and co-owner of North Shore College ...

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Melanie Levy

Melanie Levy is an Independent Educational Consultant Melanie completed her ...

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Pam Lowy

Pam Lowy is the Director of Operations and the newest member of the North Shore College Consulting Team. Pam graduated from the University of Iowa ...

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Robin Legator

Robin Legator is the director of North Shore Career Consulting. Robin completed her undergraduate education at the University ...

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Lauren Fischoff

Lauren Fischoff is an independent college consultant, and the newest team member at North Shore College Consulting. Lauren received ...

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Francesca Kelly

Francesca Kelly started assisting students with their college application essays in 2006 when she served as a high school guidance counselor ...

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Gena Khodos

Gena Khodos has an undergraduate degree in English and a minor in Finance from the University of Iowa....

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Alice Moody

Alice Moody is a high school English teacher who has taught in Redding, CT, San Francisco, ...

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Jessica Jaksich

Jessica Jaksich graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing. After two years ...

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Kari Forsee

Kari Forsee still remembers the night she stayed up until sunrise writing the essay she submitted ...

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Francie Dickman

Francie is a lawyer turned writer. She has been working as a freelance writer since 1998...

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Matt Field

Matt worked as a congregational rabbi for more than a decade. Matt has been writing, speaking, and teaching for more than 20 years....

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Terri Yablonsky Stat

Terri Yablonsky Stat is a longtime professional writer whose work appears in leading local and national publications. She's also written for many universities, . . .

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Shira Raviv Schwartz

Shira Raviv Schwartz is an educational advocate for North Shore Educational Advocacy ...

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Margi Bordo

Margi Bordo is the Office Manager at North Shore College Consulting ...

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Dr. Hollie Sobel

Dr. Hollie Sobel is the director of North Shore Educational Advocacy. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and ...

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Laura McDermott

Laura McDermott is the director of North Shore Career Consulting. Laura has a solid and successful track record as a Recruiter, working with candidates ...

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